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What and How:

Effective leadership, low staff productivity, and conflict are often a byproduct of change and ineffective systems for communication.
When addressed and handled skillfully, teams experience lower turnover, higher productivity, increased innovation,
and stronger team dynamics. 


Some teams are challenged with external relationships (customers, clients and vendors who consistently bring conflict) while others are challenged by colleagues and management.
Both can create employee burn out, high turn over, and poor customer service if not handled effectively. 

Collective Voices works collaboratively with you
to help you design a road map for:

  • More effective communication, specifically around workplace culture, patterns of conflict, support strategies, and decision making.

  • Enhance the overall effectiveness of leadership.

  • Organizational restructuring and vision clarification that often accompanies growth.  

  • Clear and accurate messaging to all employees around timelines for change, what they can expect from you, where and to whom employees can voice their concerns, changes in policy or the vision for the business, etc.

  • Creating a clear model for how the business plans to address and respond to conflict.

Change Management services can include all aspects of
Conflict & Repair Dialogue.


Collective Voices services for Corporate Businesses

(click each link for an explanation)


There are many challenges facing corporate businesses today: growth, downsizing, decrease in productivity, internal conflicts, staff retention issues, lack of mission and vision clarity amongst employees.

Collective Voices' Change Management services focus on leadership, and communication, and conflict.


How teams operate is often a function of both what the leadership expects and models, and what culture staff create and maintain. Both are vital for the effectiveness and sustainability of the business, staff longevity and investment; and the wellbeing
of the leadership and the employees. 


Below is a list to help you to determine
if your business may benefit from Collective Voices' services. 


Is your business challenged by:

-       Ongoing internal conflict

-       Effective leadership

-       Organizational restructures

-       Mergers & acquisitions

-       Succession planning

-       Low employee engagement

-       Working in silos

-       Retention issues


Collective Voices’ Change Management services can boost
staff retention, improve workplace culture, clarify roles and responsibilities within the business, all of which yield more effective employees and a higher level of productivity. 

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