Please call me at 608-347-1432 and leave a detailed message and a good time for me to return your call. 

I begin with all clients over the phone with a “needs assessment.” During this call, I learn more about your needs and intended outcomes for services.


Rate Breakdown:

  • The needs assessment by phone is about 30 minutes and is free of charge. 

  • Rates for all services is dependent upon the scope of work requested.

You can pay via cash, check, or by clicking the "donate" button below (which allows you to pay with PayPal, or a credit/debit card.)

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"Most of us have been educated from birth to judge, compete, demand, and diagnose – to think and communicate in terms of ‘right’ and ‘wrong.’ Thinking and interacting this way can create misunderstanding and a host of other problems, and ultimately brings us further from our naturally empathetic state.”       

~ Marshall Rosenberg, American psychologist, mediator, author, and teacher

Collective Voices offers the opportunity to reconnect, repair, and rebuild. 

Through my services, I strive to create an environment for increased understanding and trust by using dialogue to strengthen relationships that may be challenged by hurt, conflict, power dynamics, and opposing perspectives.


Collective Voices offers a compassionate, trauma-informed and culturally-relevant 

approach to communication, conflict, harm, and healing.



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