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"Heidi is a wonderful person. She has been warm and understanding since we first met which has helped me trust working together.
She has taken the time to build our relationship, and to really get to know who my son was. Grief support with Heidi has taught me that it is okay that I want my son and my memories of him
to remain an important part of my life." 

Grief and loss are universal. Grief Support Services can help people find meaning, value, and restored hope in the midst of suffering (or after incidents of grief and loss have occurred), even if the suffering itself cannot be removed. Together, we explore the feelings and thoughts and behaviors associate with losses and identify the innate strengths you possess that will support your healing. One-on-one sessions provide a safe space in which to share your feelings and thoughts and experiences. Grief and Healing Circles provide the opportunity to build community and trust – together we create a space to share and support.


Grief and loss can manifest as sadness, anger, denial, and even delusion. Grief Support Services help people adjust to their changed life (life is “changed” as a result of loss/grief), recognize the impacts that loss has left in its wake, and begin the process of rebuilding by learning tools and strategies to cope and process feelings and experiences. Natural disasters, our global pandemic, not feeling seen/heard, violence, poverty, oppression, divorce, adoption, isolation, drugs/alcohol, incarceration, injury, illness, and feelings of not fitting in or being worthy are some examples of lived experiences that can result in people experiencing grief and loss. No two people’s journeys look the same therefore my approach in supporting your process is flexible and guided by you.

Grief Support Services


Individual sessions are typically
1 - 2 hours in length.


"In my grief work with Heidi, I find her to be a very wise being.  During and after talking with her, I feel relieved and reassured.
An ongoing, key personal learning journey for me is trusting myself to be open to exploring new experiences, instead of being
self-critical, rule-heavy, and judging myself. Heidi helps me
in positioning a gentle presence with myself, 
and building
self-kindness, again and again."


Grief Support Services can include exploring the following (but are not limited to):


  • The 4 “tasks” of grieving.

  • Dimensions of culture.

  • Assessment of one’s grieving style and strengths to navigate their grief.

  • Historical trauma.

  • Equity, justice, and cultural humility.

  • Transition versus change.

  • Types of grief including  shattered dreams,  ambiguous  loss,  disenfranchised,  complicated, traumatic,  anticipatory, vicarious, large  scale grief, and secondary  losses.

  • Healing and hope. 

  • Tools for healing.

  •  Art activities.

  •  Yoga and mindfullness.

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