Founder, Trainer, Facilitator, Grief Support Specialist, &
Circle Keeper

Jessie Kushner is the founder, provider, trainer and consultant for Collective Voices. She has worked with teens, young adults, families, and professionals for almost 30 years through Outward Bound, the non-profit she
Y, and now with Collective Voices. For more on her professional and personal history, see the Founder's History tab.


Jessie received a B.A. in Outdoor Education, mediator training from the UW-Wisconsin Continuing Studies, training as a Circle Keeper from many Relatives as well as the Minnesota Department of Education and Legal Rights Center, the Red Road Approach facilitator training from Generation Red Road, and Grief Support Specialist training from the
UW-Wisconsin Continuing Studies. Additional training and experience comes from decades of first-hand experience. The hundreds of people she has met while on the road, the youth and adults she has worked with, as well as her colleagues, have been her best teachers. She is forever humbled and grateful for being able to walk with people on their journey.

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Grief Support Specialist

Heidi Greengus offers grief support at Collective Voices. She has 25 years of teaching experience with children, teens, adults, seniors, and families. She has a B.S. in Education from UW-Madison, a Grief Support Specialist certification from UW-Madison Continuing Studies, and a Yoga Alliance 200-HR certification. She is passionate about bringing positive coping and stress-reduction skills to a diverse group people in the community from a wide range of socio-economic, ethnic, racial, and religious backgrounds. Heidi combines verbal processing with experiential avenues of expression and self-care tools like mindfulness, breath work, body awareness, and creative arts. Her support empowers individuals to identify unique and innate strengths in order to build emotional resilience, integrate loss and engage again in their lives. She assists in helping people work through the complexity of their grief so they may find acceptance, personal meaning, and growth out of their losses.

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Clinical Consultant & Supervision

"Dr. Al Felice is gifted beyond measure. His wisdom, life experience, and vast knowledge of therapeutic interventions is inspiring and innovative. Dr. Felice is creative in his approach to others; he is humble, kind, and able to maintain a steady calm in the midst of darkness. He sees and interacts with people as whole; he works from besides, not above. This makes him relatable, safe, and solid. Anyone who gets a chance to work besides or with Dr. Felice will be changed forever."

      ~ Jessie Kushner, Founder of Collective Voices

Dr. Algernon Felice is the CEO and Director of Cultural Bridges Treatment and Consulting, LLC based in Madison, Wisconsin. 


Dr. Felice is the developer of Constructive Locale Regenerative Therapy (CLRT.) CLRT is a unique, highly effective culturally-centered, treatment model for children and families. Dr. Felice has found CLRT to be highly successful in the retention of his clients of color and that has led to successful treatment outcomes for a variety of underserved populations.